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8 Top Features You Should Be Looking Out for When Shopping for Dealership Management Software

Dealership management software is the core and backbone for nearly every agricultural, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealership in today’s world. Systems like this constantly evolve to make dealerships more productive and profitable. If you haven’t given your system much thought lately, that’s a good thing. It probably works! But for those of you […]
Underachieving Employees

5 Ways to Deal with Your Underachieving Employees

Managing employees and teams can be a rewarding but difficult task. When employees are performing well, business is smooth sailing. But when employee satisfaction, work ethic and engagement start to slip, your business suffers. Unhappy employees alone can cost a business thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue and a bad reputation. No industry […]
How to Execute an Inventory Count Efficiently

How to Execute an Inventory Count Efficiently

Do you have full control over your equipment dealership’s inventory? “Control” in this scenario refers to managing all aspects of your dealership’s inventory – from purchasing, shipping, receiving and tracking, to storage, turnover and reorders. And in order to have complete control, you must know how to conduct a proper inventory count, which – as […]