Sales Manager Checklist [Word Doc]

Sales managers have a lot going on at any given moment, including defining monthly sales objectives, collaborating closely with sales staff, tracking performance, and a whole lot more. Based on our team’s firsthand experience managing dealerships, we’ve created a checklist of daily and weekly tasks for Sales Managers. The checklist is completely customizable, so you […]
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Dealership Management Checklists [Word Doc]

Running a dealership has a lot of moving parts to it. Checklists are an easy and effective way to prioritize tasks and keep all those moving parts of your dealership organized. That’s why, using feedback and best practices from hundreds of dealers, our team has put together a collection of dealership management checklists to keep […]

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklist for Dealership Parts Managers [Word Doc]

When your parts department is running like a well-oiled machine, everything else runs that much smoother too.   In any given day, Parts Managers may need to:   Monitor daily numbers in your DMS Parts Manager    Run daily reports  Review Special Order Requests from Service Department  Review open tickets  Check if parts are being received in a […]

Key Metrics Every Dealer Should Track to Stay Profitable [PDF]

How good are you at measuring your business performance? Even though businesses are all about numbers, numbers only mean something when placed within proper  context.   It’s important to track the right metrics and to track trends, so that you can focus your decision-making on things that will really move the needle.   We’ve compiled a […]
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Monthly and Daily Checklist for Dealership Service Managers [Download]

Dealership service departments are busier than ever.   In one day alone, a Service Manager needs to:  Morning meeting with Technicians to identify challenges   Review Service Manager EOD Reports   Review Technician Time Reports (printed at EOD)  Open and process all work orders, have ready for tech assignment  Verify and close all completed work orders  Create job […]

Checklist for Dealership Owners and GMs [Word Doc]

When you feel like you have a handle on your responsibilities, your team feels it too. After working with hundreds of dealers over the last 40 years, we’ve put together a list of responsibilities and tasks that most dealership owners and GMs need to complete daily and week-over-week. This checklist is customizable and will help […]
DIS Top Dealer Management Software

8 Dealership Management System Features to Look For [Updated for 2022]

Dealership management software is the core and backbone for nearly every agricultural, lift truck, construction, and truck refrigeration dealership in today’s world. Systems like this constantly evolve to make dealerships more productive and profitable. If you haven’t given your system much thought lately, that’s a good thing. It probably works! But for those of you […]
Kubota Telematics

DIS Launches Kubota Telematics Integration For Easy Fleet Tracking

Bellingham, WA, January 19, 2021 – Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp., a leading agriculture, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealership software vendor in North America, are excited to announce the successful launch of their integration with Kubota Telematics. This new integration enables dealerships to remotely track every unit within their Kubota rental fleet. With the Kubota Telematics […]
CNH eParts4.0 Integration Quantum

DIS Launches CNH ePARTS4.0 Integration to Keep Dealerships Running Smoothly

Bellingham, WA, November 9, 2020 —  Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp., a leading agriculture, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealership software vendor in North America, is excited to announce their integration with CNH ePARTS4.0. Replacing CNH’s NGPC Consumer Parts Catalog, ePARTS4.0 is newer and easier to use. The integration enables dealers to reduce data […]
DIS 40th Anniversary

DIS Celebrates its 40th Anniversary: A Long History of Success

Bellingham, WA, December 16, 2020 – Dealer Information Systems Corporation (DIS), a leading provider of business system software to agriculture, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealers and distributors in North America, is proud to announce that 2020 marked its 40th anniversary. DIS Through the Years With software designed to automate business processes, DIS began […]
DIS New R&D Director

DIS Hires a New R&D Director Chris Hancart to Maximize the Quality of Its Upcoming Products

Bellingham, WA, April 16, 2020 – Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp., a leading agriculture, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealership software provider in North America, is pleased to welcome Chris Hancart as its new Research & Development (R&D) Director. Chris has worked as the VP and director of engineering all around the globe, including […]
Farm Equipment Podcast

How DIS Helped Mason Machinery Avert a Disaster [Podcast]

We are proud to let you know that DIS’ dealership management software has played a role in helping Mason Machinery avert a disaster – according to Farm Equipment’s “Our Dealer Story” podcast brought by HBS Systems’ Editor/Publisher Mike Lessiter. An interview with Mason Machinery Lessiter sat down to chat with Eric Mason, the General Manager […]
How to Execute an Inventory Count Efficiently

How to Execute an Inventory Count Efficiently

Do you have full control over your equipment dealership’s inventory? “Control” in this scenario refers to managing all aspects of your dealership’s inventory – from purchasing, shipping, receiving and tracking, to storage, turnover and reorders. And in order to have complete control, you must know how to conduct a proper inventory count, which – as […]