Dealership Parts & Inventory Management Software

Selling units is the bread and butter of your dealership business. That’s why it’s crucial to manage parts and unit inventory properly.

With DIS Quantum, you can easily access inventory tracking, sales history and information on every unit,including details like availability, options, specs and price.

See how DIS Quantum’s Parts & Inventory Management Solution can help organize your stock and increase profits

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The Data Mine function helps me look at different things that I’m having problems with. The system is versatile, particularly as far as built-in parts return program and phase-out go. These features help me clean up my inventory and get rid of old parts that were added years ago. It cleans that stuff up.

Matt Travis, Parts Manager at Alderman’s Inc.

Keep Track of All Your Parts

  • Easily search inventory and track parts across all locations, so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Drill down on detailed information on every part and unit including quantities, pricing, serial number and warranty details

View Detailed Histories

  • Get up to 10 years of detailed history for every part to monitor trends - on your co mputer or on your mobile device
  • Track part history for each customer to pinpoint opportunities for upselling

Automate Parts Statuses and Ordering

  • Immediately determine if a unit is on order, available, on reserve, out on a demo, under warranty or sold
  • Automatically calculate minimum and maximum levels based on the movement and cost of every part

OEM Parts Inventory Integrations

  • Order units and parts from 250+ manufacturers directly from your dealership management system
  • Access the latest price files from specific manufacturers

Parts & Inventory Management Add-On Solutions

Sales Logistics

Use your mobile device to view, track and manage real-time information on units in your dealership – no matter where you are.

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