DIS Cloud

Manage Your Dealership, Not Your Server

Tired of looking after your dealership’s system server?
Make us your Application Solution Provider (ASP). DIS Cloud is affordable and easy to maintain.

State of the Art Cloud Services

DIS Cloud Hosting

We manage, maintain and operate your server for you via the DIS Hosting Service - allowing you to focus on your business.

DIS Cloud Backup

Eliminate the time, expense, and hassle of performing daily backups by automating the process with DIS Cloud Backup.

Reduce Server Costs

Save money on computer hardware maintenance, electrical power, added office cooling, and server replacements.

Reduce Server Costs
Gain Flexibility

Gain Flexibility

The complexities of system management are taken care of for you and will scale with your business as it grows.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that your server resides in a secure building, protected from fire or natural disasters.

Peace of Mind
Reclaim Your Dealership

Reclaim Your Dealership

Regain the space occupied by your server, its uninterruptible power source and backup tape storage, while eliminating the associated noise.

Take Your Dealership to New Heights. Here’s How:


First, we test your Internet performance to verify that it’s adequate for your dealership.


Then, we update your in-house software and data files (if needed).


After that, dealership data is transferred directly from your server to the DIS Cloud at night to avoid disruption.


The next morning, your staff is fully operational on DIS Cloud.


All data and system settings are preserved.

Cloud Hosting was something we had looked at but were hesitant about for security reasons. We thought on-site was more secure. But when we called to ask about it, DIS was able to really explain it to us. Once we realized that hackers could get anything if they want to get it, and we didn’t have a professional person constantly monitoring our system for hackers, we knew it would be more secure to use Cloud Hosting.

Connie Arnold, Bookkeeper and Treasurer at Appling Motors
Looking for a demonstration? Let’s chat!

Looking for a demonstration? Let’s chat!

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