Dealership Service Management Software

Your equipment service and repair shop is one of your dealership’s top commodities. That’s why it’s crucial to manage your service operations effectively.

With DIS Quantum, you can easily automate your service department from start to finish and provide the service promised to customers.

See how DIS Quantum’s Service Management Solution can improve productivity in your service department:

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It has increased the productivity and efficiency in our shop. We are completing jobs quicker, and we are saving our service writers and service managers time because we are not double-entering time inspection sheets anymore.

Matthew Marrazzo, Owner of Townline Equipment

Track Service for Every Unit

  • Access complete service histories for each and every unit over its entire life span and drill down on specific details
  • Easily search history by serial number, customer name or ID, stock or tag number, and more

Streamline Job Management

  • Create and store standard jobs for repetitive work to ensure quick work order creation
  • Enter the work done at a different service shop to a unit’s service history, ensuring the work record is complete

Automate Warranty Submissions

  • Submit and manage warranty claims directly in your dealer management system
  • Track all your warranty claims, so that none of them ever get lost

Know What Goes on In Your Shop

  • Track shop efficiency and recovery in one easy-to-navigate report
  • View service activity by technician, store, or both
  • Identify issues and respond in real-time

Service Management Add-On Solutions

DIS Service 360

Integrating with DIS Quantum, DIS Service 360 is a suite of add-on dealership service productivity tools to enhance your service department’s performance throughout the entire service cycle, from job to dispatch to invoice

Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling

Create and schedule jobs faster than ever

Service Logistics Service Logistics Go

Service Logistics Go

Simplify your service management

Service Logistics Service Logistics Plus

Service Logistics Plus

Make service management flexible

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Drive repeat business to your shop

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With DIS Tasks, you can gain full visibility into all your dealership service tasks in one place and ensure that no employee ever misses a deadline or loses track of what needs to be done.

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DIS MyPortal transforms your dealership customer support from in-store visits, paper processing and phone calls to online self-service and direct messaging communications. That means you can increase productivity, cut costs, and improve your dealership’s customer experience.

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