Upgrading to DIS Software is Easier Than You Think

No intrusions. No headaches. Business is as usual as you migrate to DIS.

How We Implement DIS Software at Your Dealership

Before we even consider making any changes to your infrastructure, we gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and current setup and develop a detailed implementation plan. You’ll know exactly what’s going on, every step of the way.

Pre-Installation Conference

DIS starts your transition with a conference call including our Installation Manager and your DIS sales representative. We make introductions and discuss your individualized plan.


Timeline Assessment

We work with you to establish a schedule that works for everyone.



When the software and hardware implementation is approved, our team travel to your dealership to lay the groundwork.


Data Verification

Our experienced system trainer works with you to verify that your data conversion was successful.


System Training

DIS provides comprehensive on-site training for your staff followed by a personalized follow-up plan and a DIS follow-up support representative.


System Goes Live

DIS software is up and running.


On-Site Follow Up

You have the option of scheduling an on-site follow-up a month or two after the “go-live” date to fine tune your new system.


Swiftly Move Your Existing Data to DIS Software

Gain immediate access to all of the data you need to keep your dealership up and running. Take full advantage of the DIS software as quickly as possible.

Data Extraction

Supply us with data from your current system. Need assistance? We can help!


Data Conversion

We convert your data to fit DIS’s specific format.


Upload & Configuration

We upload the formatted data into your new DIS system.

Eliminate Other Vendors  - We’ve Got You Covered

Eliminate Other Vendors - We’ve Got You Covered

When your software, hardware and services all come from one place, there’s only one number to call.

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See the DIS Software in Action

See the DIS Software in Action

See how DIS Software can help your dealership operate efficiently. Get a customized demo of DIS software by filling out the form below. We’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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