Create a Friction-Free Customer Experience

These days, customers expect service to be faster than ever.

DIS MyPortal transforms your dealership customer support from in-store visits, paper processing and phone calls to online self-service and direct messaging communications. That means you can increase productivity, cut costs, and improve your dealership’s customer experience.

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For Your Dealership

  • Lower Customer Service Costs

    Empower customers to serve themselves, cutting down on labor needed for answering inquiries, sending invoices and other manual tasks.

  • Automate Service Requests

    Let customers request service online, automatically creating a work order that syncs with your dealer system and increasing service business.

  • Speed Up Payments

    Notify customers when an invoice is ready so they can provide a PO and pay them online through the portal.

  • Identify Revenue Opportunities

    Get more visibility into your customers’ unit details and expenses, so you can identify service, trade-in, and other revenue opportunities.

For Your Customers

  • Manage Invoices & Payments

    Get alerted when invoiced and track by status and pay for invoices online, avoiding late penalties.

  • Request Service & Get Help Faster

    Request service online and track the status of the request and the work order at any time.

  • Access All Records in One Place

    Download a hard copy of any record at any time and filter data to easily create reports – for free.

  • Total Fleet Service Management

    Whether you have 5 or 500 pieces of equipment, keep a birds-eye view of all units, their statuses and fleet expenses using a dashboard of visual reports – for free.

Secure Analytics Reporting to Build Customer Trust

DIS MyPortal gives you access to visual analytics reporting on customer activity, which you can share with customers to highlight opportunities to increase their fleet uptime and equipment utilization.

Worried about data security? You can feel secure knowing the data you provide is individually assigned to customers and is only data that they already have access to, like work orders and invoices.

"DIS MyPortal has made a huge impact on our customer service in a very short time. Our customers are able to look over their fleet and see what is happening with it. They can review invoices and make decisions on how to better utilize the fleet. It makes life easier for everyone."

Nic Corcoran, Branch Manager at Welch Equipment

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