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Fully Integrated Lift Truck Management Software

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Manage Your Lift Truck Dealership  with One System

Manage Your Lift Truck Dealership with One System

Gain visibility into every department and process within your lift truck dealership by unifying them all with one system. Utilize the tools conceived by lift truck dealers like you to meet specific industry standards and avoid customizations.

Automate and Integrate Your Multi-Location Dealership End-to-End

Equipment Rentals

  • Automatically bill open contracts and damage waivers – no manual tracking required
  • Accurately calculate rates based on actual time or engine hours
  • Enjoy a multitude of billing options
  • Handle both rent-to-rent and rent-to-sell environments from one place

Parts Inventory Control

  • Track parts across multiple locations
  • Integrate with the 24/7 online DIS Parts Store
  • Get the right parts at the right time with automated stock ordering
  • Instantly import part lists and price updated into POS from 250+ manufacturers

Service Management

  • Keep detailed service history for the entire life of a unit that you can access at any moment
  • Generate work orders quickly and effortlessly by creating and storing standard jobs

Equipment Inventory

  • Access complete unit info — from specs to warranty details
  • Store and annotate pictures for each unit to stay organized
  • Export complete inventory details to mobile for sales on the go
  • Track all costs, even after a unit has been sold

Accounting & Payroll

  • Automate all areas of accounting – from point of sale to inventory and costing transactions
  • Access consolidated financial data for all your stores
  • Keep track of your finances through detailed reports
  • Simplify warranty claim management

Online Parts Store

  • Enable customer self-service to cut down on labor costs
  • Provide a seamless 24/7 customer experience with multiple payment options
  • Leverage Google Analytics to learn what your customers like

Counter Sales

  • Auto-generate and archive accounting transactions for all sales
  • Create professional-looking invoices and work orders in just a few clicks
  • Easily adjust discounts, taxes and automatic charges
  • Smoothly control inventory transfers between stores
  • Gain insight into commissions

Electronic Forms & Logos

  • Convert old, multi-part feed forms into professional-looking, laser-printed documents
  • Easily reproduce invoices, statements and other documents
  • Reduce paper costs by emailing invoices and statements

Mobile Service Logistics

  • Dispatch live work orders to technicians’ tablets and get notified when they are completed
  • Enable techs to view real-time inventory data and service history in the field
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Effortlessly Integrate With Your Lift Truck Manufacturers

Save time by interfacing to a wide a selection of manufacturer sites instantly.

See How Our Customers are Gaining Control of Their Business

We implemented DIS to help us manage our business better. We also wanted a product that was ‘out-of-the-box,’ but still tailored for our industry and us as a dealership.

Michael Fullan, Hodge Material Handling

The biggest impact of DIS on my dealership was how it amalgamated all of the stores. We see each other’s operations, and we can talk about it. We can view parts from other stores, and you can order parts for the entire group. The stores can all use one good system to get the job done.

André Homier, Centre Agricole Nicolet-Yamaska

The biggest strength of DIS, in my opinion, is how easy it is to use. I don’t feel that it’s a very complicated system; it’s fairly simple and it’s straightforward to learn. Once you know the basics of how the system works, you just apply that knowledge to any task or report.

Ashlee Reed, Wickham Tractor

Whenever I talk to somebody from DIS support, it’s always very pleasant. They’re very professional and friendly. They’re always sure to say, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” And that’s part of the culture, I think, of DIS, and it melds really well with the culture at McFarlane.

Rauel LaBreche, McFarlane Manufacturing Company

DIS had a big impact on our dealership when we decided to implement it across all of our locations. It allows you, with the same number of personnel, to increase the amount of business that you’re doing with them.

Jason Collins, Lansdowne-Moody Co.

DIS has had a good family relationship with us; they treat us like we’re one of their key partners. When I need something, I feel like I know the people that I am dealing with. We can reach both people in management and those on the Customer Support team.

Fred Titensor, Valley Implement

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Eliminate third-party vendors. From development to installation to support - we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We support not only our products but WANs and other networks our customers may use.

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Eliminate third-party vendors. From development to installation to support – we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We support not only our products but WANs and other networks our customers may use.

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Features & Benefits


Large enterprise dealers
  • Purchase license
  • Onsite server
  • Customer control over hardware and software
  • No hindrance from offsite internet connections
  • Automated backup and price updates that occur without your intervention


Small-to-large dealers
  • Purchase license
  • Internet-based
  • No onsite server required
  • Network managed and supported by professionals at DIS
  • A shared drive easily accessible to staff for shared documents

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