Rental Fleet Management Software

Whether you have a permanent rental fleet or rent out used equipment, having a well managed rental business can be a significant source of revenue.

With DIS Quantum, you have the power to oversee every aspect of your rental operation from one seamless interface and help turn profits.

See how DIS Quantum’s Rental Fleet Management Solution can increase your dealership’s profitability:

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Streamline Contract Creation & Billings

  • Easily create rental contracts with multiple units on the same contract
  • Calculate billing automatically, including partial periods and multiple units per contract

Handle All Rental Frequencies

  • Accept defaults or specify your billing frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, 28-day cycle, monthly, etc.) and time frame
  • Account for rental conditions to ensure you get the additional compensation you’re entitled to

Monitor Your Whole Fleet

  • Monitor your entire fleet effortlessly across multiple locations
  • Know exactly who has your equipment, where it is located, and when it is due back

Stay on Top of Service Management

  • Quickly find service history on every rental unit in your fleet
  • Easily pull up information on the condition of every rental unit

Rental Fleet Management Resources

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