We Understand Your Business

Seamlessly <span>Manage Every Aspect</span> of Your Dealership

Seamlessly Manage Every Aspect of Your Dealership

You know what’s tough? Running a dealership. That’s why we built software that puts all your departments, products and activities in one place, allowing you to get a firm grip on all your operations and maximize your profitability.

Who We Are

Dealer Information Systems Corporation (DIS) is a leading business management software provider to agricultural, construction, truck refrigeration and lift truck dealers in North America.

Founded in 1980

100+ Employees

Headquarters in Bellingham, WA, USA

How We Help Dealers

We know you have important things to do, so why deal with many vendors when you can deal with one full-service company? From software, hardware and network management, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Equip Your Departments with the Right Tools

We offer a suite of tools to help your dealership streamline and manage all processes, ensuring efficient operations with minimal involvement from you.

Get the Hardware You Need

In addition to the software, we provide servers, printers, PCs, firewalls, Internet Security, VPN and everything else you need to run your business. Need someone to set it all up for you? No problem – we do that too!

Connect with Your Equipment Manufacturers

We’ve partnered with more than 20 manufacturers to enable your customers to interface directly with the equipment lines they carry.

Be Part of the Development Process

Your feedback is what helps us do better. We’re here to listen and use our customers’ input to drive our software and services forward.

Select Between Cloud Hosting or On-Premise

To help you host the software, we setup and manage cloud hosting. As an alternative, we also supply and install on-site system servers along with all the necessary supporting hardware.

Experience VIP Training

To help you reap the benefits of your business system, we deliver a variety of training options – on-site, online and one-on-one – along with instructional tutorials.

Our Leadership Team

Randy McIntyre

General Manager

Randy started with DIS in 1984, as a Sales Representative. Living in the Midwest, he’d visited 11 states to sell the DIS system – at a time when very few dealerships had anything like it. Like most of the leadership at DIS, Randy had served in many different roles – until the company’s CEO and founder, Bob Brim, who was also Randy’s mentor, asked him to assume the role of President in 2008. After overseeing the company for over seven years, Randy replaced Brim as the General Manager following his retirement.

Without a doubt, Randy’s greatest joy in life is his family. When not working for DIS, he devotes his spare time to family activities. He also occasionally finds time to golf, hike, boat and read.

Shane Waldemar

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Shane Waldemar oversees every aspect of DIS.  Shane utilizes a data-driven business approach to ensure we are building solutions to assist in building better working dealerships.

Prior to taking on this role, Shane served as the Director of Finance for the Dealer North American Software Group (which included DIS). Shane implemented many key best practices that have led to the better use of data in strategic decision making along with streamlining back-office processes.

When not working, Shane’s greatest joy is his family, which includes his wife and 3 young kids. He enjoys time on his small hobby beef farm, coaching his kids, traveling…anything that involves family and friends.

Wendell Knight

Vice President, Dealer Services Keystone

Wendell grew up as the fifth child in a family of eight children. Western Washington University brought him to Bellingham, and when he graduated in 1985, he began work at DIS. Other than a two-year stint working for J.I. Case in Racine, WI, he has been with DIS ever since. In his role current role, Wendell is responsible for maintaining relations with the Keystone, Challenger and Business Manager customers.

When not at work, Wendell enjoys spending time with his four daughters.

Phillip Conophy

Development Manager

Phillip joined DIS in 2003, taking on the responsibility of extending and enhancing Keystone’s capabilities and integration with the desktop and throughout the dealership. Despite the heavy emphasis on Keystone, Phillip has played a key role in incorporating solutions with the DIS technology family and the enhancement of QuipWare. Most recently, Phillip has been focused on guiding various technological efforts across DIS’ web and mobile initiatives.

When not working at DIS, Phillip enjoys sea kayaking, hiking and travel. He also serves on the advisory board for Western Washington University’s Department of Computer Science, co-directs a local program encouraging collegiate science and technology education and is active in the advocacy of public science and technology education.

Mark Chestnut

Vice President, Sales

Mark joined DIS in 2021 as VP of Sales, bringing over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development leadership. Before joining DIS, Mark was VP of Sales and Customer Support at Faithlife, where he helped the company to nearly double its annual revenue in 4 years. Mark previously held leadership positions with Microsoft, including General Manager of Worldwide Business Development and Marketing for Microsoft’s OEM channel, and General Manager, Communications Sector, where he led sales and business development for Microsoft’s network service provider channel.

Mark began his career with Hewlett-Packard, where he held positions in enterprise sales and applications engineering. He holds MBA and BA from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

Celebrating 40 Years of DIS


DIS Corporation was born as a result of tractor lost by Brim Tractor Dealership. Bob Brim decided to write software to automate business processes and it turned out to be a success. Brim Tractor starts to sell their software.


Coastal machinery - first DIS software.


DIS receives venture capital funding to continue its rapid growth.


DIS sells 85 systems in one month and is recognized as #118 in Inc, Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.” Case acquires the farm equipment division of International Harvester, requiring all dealers to install a computer system and endorsing DIS as its approved vendor.


DIS recognized as #201 on Inc, Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.” Cummins North America selects DIS to write, distribute and support a communications system for its dealers and distributors – a contract that continues to this day. The now internet-based system connects more than 2,400 dealers and distributors.


AGCO selects DIS as one of only three preferred vendors for dealer computer systems.


Ford Motor Company selects DIS as one of four “Preferred Providers” for its Canada dealers.


DIS sells the auto dealership business to its Toronto staff to focus on its core customers – farm, construction and material-handling dealers.


DIS launches Keystone – an internet-based dealership business system.


DIS acquires the Business Manager system, adding 180 AGCO dealers to its customer base.


Acquired NDS Corporation and its two business systems, NDS Solutions and QuipWare.


DIS debuts a web-based, fully portable and customizable dashboard called Prism and acquires Minitrac Software, adding more than 100 customers in the field of material handling.


Mobile Sales App released


Robert Brim, founder of DIS, retires. Randy McIntyre becomes the new General Manager of DIS.


Mobile App Sales Logistics released


Mobile App Service Logistics released


DIS joins Perseus, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.


Quantum CRM released


Service Scheduling released, allowing users to schedule, assign and track work orders quickly.


Service Logistics Mobile App, MyPortal, HelpDesk and CNHePARTS4.0 Interface were released to Quantum customers

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