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Would you like to be able to offer efficient and professional customer service at the point of sale?

DIS Quantum lets you quickly and easily access information to speed up transaction times, create more opportunities to upsell, and increase customer satisfaction.

See how DIS Quantum’s Sales Management Solution can help your sales team fulfill their goals:

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The biggest impact of DIS on my dealership was how it amalgamated all of the stores. We see each other’s operations, and we can talk about it. We can view parts from other stores, and you can order parts for the entire group. The stores can all use one good system to get the job done.

André Homier, Centre Agricole Nicolet-Yamaska

Streamline Document Management

  • Handle all your sales documents from a single screen
  • Select any sales document and zoom in on specific details, such as item quantity, vendor, price and so on

Simplify Parts Inventory Transfers

  • Check on products and always be aware of what’s in your inventory
  • Smoothly control parts transfers between stores

Organized Invoicing System

  • Generate professional-looking invoices and work orders for your customer in just a few clicks
  • Automatically archive all invoices, so that you can maintain a complete history of every transaction

Quick & Easy Adjustments to Financials

  • Efficiently handle cash and credit transactions to process customers sooner
  • Easily adjust discounts, taxes, and automatic charges

Sales Management Add-On Solutions

Sales Logistics

The DIS Sales Logistics mobile app lets you view, track, and manage real-time information on units in your dealership using your mobile device – no matter where you are.

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DIS MyPortal transforms your dealership customer support from in-store visits, paper processing and phone calls to online self-service and direct messaging communications. That means you can increase productivity, cut costs, and improve your dealership’s customer experience.

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