DIS Notify

Connect with customers instantly using text messaging

DIS Notify is an easy-to-use text messaging solution that integrates with your DIS Quantum dealer management system to help you seamlessly and automatically communicate with customers. Designed for dealers by a team of industry experts.  

Built For Dealers

Unlike other generic text messaging solutions, Notify was designed with specific dealership processes in mind.

Single-App Convenience

Get in-app priority notifications and work order alerts right within your DMS. No more switching between apps!

Work Order Updates

Build more trust with customers by sending messages to customers for specific work orders.

We like the functionality of being able to contact customers without having to take their time or our employees' time on a phone call. It's really streamlined our customer communications and it allows us to keep a better record of communications with customers. We really like that it's part of the business system and we don't have to use a third-party system to send text messages.

Stefan Schriewer, Ewald Kubota

Modernize your dealership communication

Offer service-simple communication to customers by providing reliable, faster response times than is possible with phone and email alone.  

Modernize your dealership communication
Level-up your service experience

Level-up your service experience

Maintain faster, consistent communication with customers, so you can significantly reduce confusion and discrepancies related to work orders and work to be done. 

Never miss a message

Don’t let your voicemail become a bottomless pit of missed messages. Reduce incoming calls to your dealership by 50% and speeding up response time-without adding extra labor to your team.  

Never miss a message

Ready to connect with customers using text messaging?

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