Customer Relationship Management Software

Boost the customer experience at your dealership with software that helps your sales team personalize their interactions with every customer.

DIS Quantum provides your dealership with quick and easy access to relevant customer information across all departments and store locations – in one place.

See how DIS Quantum’s Customer Relationship Management Solution can enhance your relationship with customers:

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The overall impact of DIS on our dealership is quite huge because it affects every area. For the Service, Parts and Sales departments, everything that we do here is there. All aspects of the dealer business are integrated and work together. It’s the core of our business as far as how we have visibility into everything and how it works.

Matt Travis, Alderman’s Inc.

Know Your Customers

  • Keep all contacts, leads, prospects, and appointments in one place for easy access
  • Pull customer information from any branch location
  • Detailed customer ranking information informs your staff of who your best customers are the minute they walk up to the counter

Quickly Pull Up Information

  • Quickly pull up parts and service details by opening a parts ticket or service work order from the customer’s information screen
  • Instantly find any customer in your database by name, address, phone number, and even by the parts they come in to pick up

Stay in Touch

  • Log customer calls, meetings, and notes and schedule follow-ups
  • Schedule calls and follow-up events for customers and prospects
  • Generate and email professional PDF proposals along with an audit log of every quote change

Customer Relationship Management Add-On Solutions

Quantum CRM

Quantum CRM empowers your sales team so they can engage leads, distribute quotes, and close more deals with Quantum-integrated dealership CRM accessible from any device.

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DIS MyPortal transforms your dealership customer support from in-store visits, paper processing and phone calls to online self-service and direct messaging communications. That means you can increase productivity, cut costs, and improve your dealership’s customer experience.

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Customer Relationship Management Resources

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