DIS Launches Service Logistics Go, a Lightweight but Powerful Service Productivity Tool


Service Logistics is a dealership service productivity tool that makes it easy to manage work orders, track technician progress, maintain timesheets, and complete jobs faster. Recognizing that different dealerships have different unique workflows and associated requirements, we are excited to announce that DIS is now offering two Service Logistics packages:

  • Service Logistics Go: A new, lean version of Service Logistics for simple, streamlined technician time tracking and work order management.
  • Service Logistics Plus: The original version of Service Logistics, with its robust analytics and service visibility features.

“Service Logistics Go joins our scheduling and Service Logistic Plus products to offer a complete solution for service departments of equipment dealerships that not only digitizes their operations, but also streamlines them with integration to the business system, other departments and customers,
says Udi Naamani, Product Manager at DIS. “Service Logistics Go provides an option that runs on the technician’s phone or tablet (Android and iOS) offering a simpler, on the go, solution that is easier to master and is focused on the more common functions a technician needs like selecting the next job to work on, tracking execution (by the tech and its manager), closing work orders for billing in actual time and submitting a timesheet right into the business system.”

DIS Service Logistics also integrates with DIS Service Scheduling to create one continuous flow of information from work order creation to scheduling to approvals to analysis.

“It’s very useful for the technicians to be able to access work orders with a click of a button, instead of actually typing in a work order through their computer,” says Roby Duggan, Service Manager at Plevna Implement. “If the technician has, let’s say, 10 work orders assigned to him throughout the day, he can swiftly clock in and out of work orders with the push of a button. And it does save time.”

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