Shane Waldemar Steps In for Randy McIntyre as New General Manager of DIS


We are excited to announce that Shane Waldemar will be stepping into the role of General Manager at DIS, following Randy McIntyre’s retirement. As General Manager, Shane will deliver a data-driven strategy to ensure the long-term security and success of DIS and our customers.

Having worked closely with Randy for over four years, Shane is primed to lead DIS in the years ahead. With Randy’s retirement, DIS needed someone who could step in and maintain the stability of the business while also expanding its growth and leadership in the market.

Shane has a strong background in finance and accounting, having spent over four years with Ernst & Young. His career at DIS started with the role of Financial Analyst, working to financially integrate DIS post-acquisition. Soon after, he was promoted to Director of Finance for the Dealership Software Group for all of North America. That role led him to the position of Operations Manager at DIS.

As Operations Manager at DIS, Shane played an integral role in implementing many key best practices that have led to better use of data in strategic decision making along with streamlining back-office processes.

“Having worked with Shane for a number of years, I can say with confidence that he is a great person to take over this role,” says Sean Raynor, Portfolio Manager of the North American Dealer Group. “Shane challenges everything from an operational standpoint using data. Combined with his leadership capabilities and industry experience, we can look forward to what the future holds for DIS.”

Over the coming months, Shane intends to:

  • Host customer calls and user groups on the direction of DIS
  • Grow the DIS team to help deliver change and drive innovation
  • Expand DIS’s solutions to think outside of the dealership walls, to meet market demands and trends

“At DIS, we treat our team and our customers like family. That’s why I am honored to be taking on this role and the responsibility that comes with it,” says Shane. “It’s my goal to use data-first decision-making to create new opportunities for growth and innovation, to help our customers thrive in today’s market.”

When he isn’t working, his greatest joy is his family, including his wife, son, and twin girls. Additionally, Shane loves traveling, running, sports, and keeping his own hobby beef farm.

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