Schedule & Complete Work Orders Faster Than Ever


Schedule, assign and track work orders quickly and efficiently, while keeping an eye on all your techs, with DIS Service Scheduling.


Drive accountability

See every tech and their assigned work orders on one screen to understand how they are spending their time.

Know where you stand

Get a clear view of all existing and planned work orders, alongside their priority level, status, date, costs as well as customer, unit and work-in-progress details.

Streamline scheduling

Assign work orders to individual techs by dragging and dropping them on their schedule.

Create work orders

Easily create work orders right on your service schedule, with the ability to auto-populate fields to save time.

Prioritize the right work

Create standardized priority level tags for all work orders to identify the most important jobs more effectively.

Meet deadlines

See each tech’s clocking activity in real time alongside estimated times to ensure they are on schedule.

Find any work order

Use keyword search to find specific work orders instead of sifting through endless lists.

Customize what you see

Fully configure what you want and don’t want to see on your service scheduling screen, down to the smallest detail.

Go mobile

Enjoy the convenience of easy service scheduling no matter where you are by accessing it via a mobile device..


What Our Customers are Saying

“We have enjoyed the ‘real-time’ aspect of Service Scheduling, such as being able to see how the schedule compares to actual time clock entries. Additionally, having access to a list of work orders from within the business system has been very helpful, and being able to drag those work orders right from the list onto the schedule makes it easy to plan out work.”

Adam Palmer, Thermo King of Pittsburgh, Inc.


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