DIS Announces New Release of Its Inventory-Controlling Sales Logistics Mobile App

We are pleased to announce the newest iteration of Sales Logistics – a mobile app that allows dealers to view, track and manage real-time unit information using either a smartphone or a tablet.

Some of the highlights of Sales Logistics include the ability to search and browse units, speed up unit reservations, track aging inventory and scan in unit details, including their exact GPS location. All this data is then synchronized with the DIS dealership management system in real time.

The newest features include enhanced search capabilities as well as the ability to view serialized attachments on each unit for sale. Both additions make it even easier for dealers to identify specific units in their system.

“After seeing the capabilities of Sales Logistics, we have begun to use it exclusively in our bi-annual equipment inventories,” said Jason Collins, the manager of the Lansdowne-Moody Company store in Hockley, Texas. “What used to take one or two whole days per store can now be accomplished in half a day per store. It makes marking what has been counted quick and easy. The reconciliation of missing items is also much smoother, thanks to the app’s picture- and note-taking capabilities.”

“The biggest strength of Sales Logistics is the fact that it allows dealers to engage with their inventory data from just about anywhere,” said Randy McIntyre, the President of DIS. “It liberates dealership employees from having to go back to a terminal and eliminates the need for certain resources, such as barcode scanners. The benefit is, of course, savings in time and money.”



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