DIS Launches New Planned Maintenance Feature to Strengthen Service Departments


We are happy to announce the launch of a new free feature that will help dealerships to manage ongoing service visits for their customers: Planned Maintenance.

With this new feature, dealers can automate the creation of maintenance appointments based on triggers like time period (for example, “200 hours of utilization”) or meter readings. Dealers also can create and manage service agreements with customers and service plans for their dealership internal units.

For dealerships not currently leveraging ongoing service visits, this feature could potentially increase repeat business by making customers aware of when service to their equipment is needed.

“DIS Planned Maintenance helps efficiently manage the tracking and scheduling challenges that are part of every regular maintenance program,” says Phillip Conophy, Development Manager at DIS. “Your Service department has the flexibility to adapt the maintenance schedule as needed while keeping clear visibility of history, current status, and future work.”

Learn more about DIS Planned Maintenance here.