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Sales Manager Checklist

Sales managers have a lot going on at any given moment, including defining monthly sales objectives, collaborating closely with sales staff, tracking performance, and a whole lot more. Based on our team’s firsthand experience managing dealerships, we’ve created a checklist of daily and weekly tasks for Sales Managers. The checklist is completely customizable, so you […]

Key Metrics Every Dealer Should Track to Stay Profitable

How good are you at measuring your business performance? Even though businesses are all about numbers, numbers only mean something when placed within proper  context.   It’s important to track the right metrics and to track trends, so that you can focus your decision-making on things that will really move the needle.   We’ve compiled a […]
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What is Dead Inventory? [How to Avoid It, Get Rid of It, and Organize New Stock]

Once you’ve finished counting inventory at your dealership, there is still important work to be done. That’s because your inventory count should have revealed what your slow-moving parts are and what items you can safely label as “dead inventory” or “dead stock.” If your dealership has dead inventory on its hands, you’re wasting hundreds and […]