10 Important Questions to Ask DMS Providers [PDF]


10 Important Questions to Ask DMS Providers 1. Is your DMS provider in it for the long haul? 2. Have they got a proven track record in our industry, and do they know what it takes? 3. Do they have support that understands equipment dealers, is based in North America, and speaks your language? 4. Is your provider focused on your bottom line and your success or their share price and their quarterly profit report to shareholders? 5. Is your DMS provider large enough to manage the capital investment required to stay current in our industry and successfully launch the new products you need? 6. Are they small enough to be completely dedicated to our industry? 7. Does your supplier have the pedigree and experience in our industry to partner with you for the long-term? 8. Does the system earn its keep without penalizing your cash flow? 9. Does your DMS provider constrain your participation and free speech with our industry colleagues? 10. Can you afford to “wait and see” how things play out?