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DIS Women in Dealerships

Celebrating Women in Dealerships: Inspiring Success Stories and Advice

Despite progress being made toward greater gender equality in the workforce, it’s no secret that there aren’t very many women working in dealerships. But that hasn’t stopped women from choosing to pursue careers within dealerships – nor should it. From service writers to Chief Financial Officers, women are thriving in different roles within dealerships and […]

How Farm Equipment Dealers Use Software to Manage Their Business

Technology has expanded into every nook, cranny, and corner of our lives more than ever before. The farm equipment industry is no different. Older methods that may have worked for dealers to keep track of and manage different departments are becoming outdated and costly. Farm equipment dealers are adapting to trends in the agriculture industry […]
DIS Monthly Checklist for Dealership Service Managers Image

Monthly and Daily Checklist for Dealership Service Managers [Download]

Dealership service departments are busier than ever.   In one day alone, a Service Manager needs to:  Morning meeting with Technicians to identify challenges   Review Service Manager EOD Reports   Review Technician Time Reports (printed at EOD)  Open and process all work orders, have ready for tech assignment  Verify and close all completed work orders  Create job […]

Checklist for Dealership Owners and GMs

When you feel like you have a handle on your responsibilities, your team feels it too. After working with hundreds of dealers over the last 40 years, we’ve put together a list of responsibilities and tasks that most dealership owners and GMs need to complete daily and week-over-week. This checklist is customizable and will help […]
DIS Top Dealer Management Software

8 Dealership Management System Features to Look For [Updated for 2022]

Dealership management software is the core and backbone for nearly every agricultural, lift truck, construction, and truck refrigeration dealership in today’s world. Systems like this constantly evolve to make dealerships more productive and profitable. If you haven’t given your system much thought lately, that’s a good thing. It probably works! But for those of you […]
2022 Ag Equipment Industry Trends Report

8 Agriculture Equipment Dealer Statistics [2022 Trends]

While the pandemic may have created challenges, dealers have pulled through with incredible resilience. But we aren’t in the clear just yet. Dealers still face unprecedented challenges, from supply chain disruptions to labor shortages to changing customer expectations. With many of these challenges set to carry on in the year ahead, dealers will need to […]