Introducing Kubota Smart Supply with DIS


Kubota Smart Supply is an inventory tool that helps plan your inventory levels for Kubota and other OEM brands.

Smart Supply works with Kubota-certified DBSs, like DIS, and uses advanced forecasting techniques to plan the most effective inventory levels for optimal over-the-counter fill rates. The system will create stock order recommendations for dealers to review before submitting.

Smart Supply provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as inventory health, fill rate, multi-store management, etc. enabling optimal parts department performance. This includes:

  • Item file
  • Supplier file
  • Replacement file
  • Demand file
  • Stock file

Kubota Smart Supply is currently in the pilot phase. The logistics for implementation and onboarding after the pilot phase will be:

  • A Quantum update is required
  • A scheduled install with the dealer (~30 minutes)
  • No configuration is necessary; only a quick demo is necessary
  • This is not an Altura project, it is Quantum to an ECCService (the same PC as your Kubota orders) integration

Interested in learning more? DIS customers should reach out to their account representatives.