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DIS Interface Manager Online Documentation

Chances are, your dealership uses Interface Manager. Although this program is fairly easy to use, questions arise from time to time. Did you know we provide online documentation to help you in your time of need?

Keystone EasyFile Performance

Keystone EasyFile is a great tool, but some customers who have stored a lot of documents have experienced some slowness. If you are experiencing performance issues with EasyFile, what can you do?

When Antivirus Software Attacks

Antivirus is meant to protect you from threats, spies, and bad mojo. But what happens when it turns on YOU?

Third Party Software – Here, There & Everywhere!

You use third party software every day... in fact, if you are viewing this - you are using it right now! In this article, find out more about what it is, how it interacts with your business system, and how to avoid trouble.

What Internet Browser Should You Choose?

We use the internet for just about everything these days and consider it to be an integral part of our business practices. But, have you given much thought to what browser you use? Does it even matter?

Windows XP: End-of-Life

April 8th, the Windows XP End of Life date, has come and gone. Maybe you still have a few XP machines running at your dealership. Or maybe you've upgraded your existing Windows XP machines to Windows 7. If either of those scenarios apply to you, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Going Wireless? Read This First!

Lately it seems that everything and everyone is going wireless. But deciding HOW to go wireless is just as important as the decision to GO wireless. Here are some things to consider...

Windows 8: Upgrade To or Run From?

If you buy a new PC in a retail store, it is most likely going to come with Windows 8. But what Microsoft is not telling you is that Windows 7 is still the preferred PC operating system of choice for the market as a whole. How does this happen?

Are You Doing THAT On Your Work PC?

When it comes to your PC at work, it is good to keep in mind that the primary purpose of the PC is business, not personal. Why is this important?

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility View Settings

Internet Explorer 11 opens web pages fairly well, but some sites fail to load correctly due to compatibility problems. Read on to find out what to do should this happen to you!

Internet Speeds Explained

How fast is your internet, REALLY? Are you getting the most bits for your buck? Find out all about internet speeds, types of connections, and more!

What Windows XP End-of-Life Means to You

'End of Life' sounds quite ominous, especially when it comes to our PCs. April 8th, 2014 marks Microsoft’s official End-of-Life for the Windows XP operating system. Before you start to panic, read on…

New in Keystone 14: Working with Parts Is Easier!

As of Keystone Version 14, we’ve added new functions in Reconfigure Parts to make working with parts a little easier. Moving a single class of parts from one vendor to another  Previously, you could not change vendor codes through the application unless you specified ALL classes. You now can specify a SINGLE class to change vendors. In […]

Will Your Browser Work with DIS Prism?

Browser upgrades and new releases are endless. At some point software developers have to draw a line in the sand of supported versions. Find out what this means to you and your customers.