ROI Calculator

Find out how much you can save by implementing Service Logistics!

Tell us about your dealership:

How many service technicians
do you have?


What percentage of service technicians hardware do you replace every year?

33 %

What is your ongoing IT / Support / Training costs?

50 %

The estimated amounts below show how much you should anticipate to spend and save on Service Logistics.
These numbers are based on the benchmarks set by our customers.

If they don't fit your dealership needs, feel free to adjust them.

  • Fixed Costs

    Is this how much you anticipate to spend on these items? If not, please adjust.



    Per service technician

    Service Logistics costs:

    Setup &
    Licensing Fee

    Licensing Fee
    Per service technician

    Your fixed costs for the first year are:




    Service Logistics Licenses

    Total Fixed Costs

  • Recurring Costs

    Do these monthly expenses ring true? If not, please adjust.

    Cell Service

    Device Management

    Service Logistics costs:

    Service Logistics Licenses

    Your recurring costs for the first year are:

    Device Management

    Cell Services

    Service Logistics Licenses

    Total Annual Recurring Costs

    Your additional costs after the first year are:

    Tablet Replacements

    Ongoing Support for Service Logistics

    Additional Annual Recurring Costs
    (After Year 1)

  • Savings

    These are the savings our customers are seeing. If you anticipate a different result, please adjust.

    Labor Savings

    Shorter Billing Time

    Labor Rounding

    Based on the assumptions above, your annual savings are:


    Shorter Billing Time

    Labor Rounding

    Total Annual Savings

Your ROI Results:

Congratulations! You will break even in  months.

Your expected Net Return:

Costs Savings Net Return
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
∗Costs for year 2 and 3 includes estimated hardware replacement costs and on-going support.