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Tell us about your dealership:

How many techs do you have?

What is the average Service Tech Billing Rate/Hour?


How many Admin staff do you have?

What is the average Admin Cost/Hour?


What is your total annual whole good unit sales?

$ 5,000,000

What is your average annual parts sales?

$ 850,000

What is your average unit inventory value?

$ 4,000,000

What is the average floor plan interest rate?


What is your annual service warranty claims?

$ 350,000

Feeling excited and want to further tweak our assumptions to fit your dealership needs?

Feel free to customize our assumptions below to fit your dealership needs or you can use DIS customer benchmarks (already incorporated) to get a general idea.

Money Makers Your Improvement DIS Customer Benchmark

Increase in Labor Productivity



Increase in Office Productivity



Percent Increase in Sales



Parts Sales Margin Improvement



Floor Plan Cost Reduction



Improvement in Claims and Recovery


1000 0.01 1920 0.7 0.04


Based on the assumptions above, your results are:

Unit Sales Increased
Service Tech Increased
Parts Dept Increased
Warranty Service Increased
Floorplan Cost
Admin Staff Cost

Total Annual Savings

Congratulations! Your business could save:

annually and  in 5 years!

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