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Make Your Service Technicians More Productive

Would you like to set your service technicians up for success?

Then empower them to access and manage their work orders on the go with the DIS Service Logistics mobile app.

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Jobs on the goManage jobs more effectively

Enable field techs to receive or create repair jobs on the go.



Cash flow

Improve cash flow

Invoice work orders faster to positively impact your cash flow..



Share photos Visualize the conversation

Take and share photos of failed parts using a mobile device, so that everyone is on the same page.



Ditch double entryDitch double entry

Save time on manually re-entering technician work orders and eliminate errors.



Customer info

Track customer info

Access customer details, such as their name, address and phone number, for each work order.



Find any part

Find any part

Look up parts and easily add them to work orders.



Planned maintenanceStay on top of planned maintenance

Manage and track planned maintenance to ensure the customer is always taken care of.



Monitor Your TechsMonitor Your Techs

Track technician time every step of the way to make sure they complete all the work assigned to them.


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