Constellation Acquisition of DIS

There has certainly been a lot of activity for me the last few months and I don’t see things slowing for some time.  The Constellation acquisition of DIS is a big deal, not just for us, but for the industry.

Constellation is an international provider of leading vertical software.  They acquire the top software companies in specific market segments.  It’s through this model that they have grown to serve 30,000 customers in over 30 countries.  But what does that mean for DIS and its customers?

First, we have the backing of a very powerful organization that brings deep management knowledge.  They will enhance everything we do here at DIS.  Personally, I will have access to peers that share the same challenges I have, and between us, we may come up with ideas we have never considered in the past.

You will have the benefit of speaking with the same people you are accustomed to working with while having the financial strength of a very progressive organization.

DIS will still be the company you’ve spent decades with.  Our name remains, our people remain, our culture remains, and most importantly our commitment to you remains.

To read the full press release, click here.

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