DIS HelpDesk Info SheetOrganize & Complete All Your Service Tasks with Ease


Tired of losing track of various activities within your service department?

With DIS HelpDesk, you can gain full visibility into all your service tasks in one place and ensure that no employee ever misses a deadline or loses track of what needs to be done.


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Increase visibility and stay organized


See the Full Picture

Get a high-level overview of all your activities on one screen to instantly assess your
department’s overall productivity


Get Organized

Group tasks into different buckets (e.g.“Work Order Completion”), so you can
navigate across various activity types with ease.


Track Every Task

Easily see which tasks are assigned to you, unassigned or still in draft form to ensure
nothing falls through the cracks.


Improve Collaboration

Take and share photos of failed parts using a mobile device, so that everyone is on the same


Resolve & Complete

Get notified every time there is a problem with a specific task (e.g. failure to send an email) to resolve it
quickly and complete the task


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