Will Your Browser Work with DIS Prism?

This article refers to the new Prism suite of web-based applications, including DIS Parts Store, DIS MyAccount, and DIS Spectrum.

Maintaining standards in business is important, and e-commerce is no exception. Every day, DIS web developers face the moving target of technology standards. Upgrades and new releases seem to come weekly, and at some point software developers have to draw a line in the sand of supported versions. As a result, the new Prism family of web applications must shed the constraints of compatibility mode.


What is compatibility mode? 

Compatibility mode is a feature of a computer or operating system that enables it to run programs written for another system. It allows older, obsolete software to remain compatible with a computer’s newer hardware or software.

A large number of internal web sites were optimized for Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7). When IE8 launched, a default setting to “Compatibility mode” allowed them to continue to run. But older versions of browsers, such as IE7, do not keep up with changing technology. The gap between compatibility mode and these new browser upgrades only widens as new innovative options for e-commerce become available.


How are DIS web applications optimized?

DIS web applications are no different. Our web applications are optimized beyond IE7 and therefore cannot maintain the Compatibility mode option. DIS supports these standards and is encouraging end-users to upgrade their browser to take full advantage of our web products. (Internet Explorer is now up to version 9.) We recommend always upgrading your browser to its latest version and turning off compatibility mode.

DIS also supports options for other browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. If you are having issues with IE compatibility, DIS recommends switching to the newest version one of these browsers.


How will dealers know to disable IE compatibility mode or change their browser?

DIS has added a message screen that will display if you are running in compatibility mode.



What can dealers do to optimize the browser viewing experience for their customers?

For best results, your customers should also disable Internet Explorer compatibility mode or install an alternate browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


There are two ways to turn off compatibility mode. At the top of the browser you can either click the “Compatibility View” icon, or select “Tools > Compatibility View”.


As always, DIS Support is here to help you with any issue you encounter with our applications. You can email us at support@discorp.com or call the number for your system listed on our Contact Us page.

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