New in Keystone 14: Working with Parts Is Easier!

As of Keystone Version 14, we’ve added new functions in Reconfigure Parts to make working with parts a little easier.

Moving a single class of parts from one vendor to another 
Previously, you could not change vendor codes through the application unless you specified ALL classes. You now can specify a SINGLE class to change vendors.

In the example below, we are moving Class P in vendor MIS, to Class P in vendor PHO.

Note: The new vendor and class must exist and any parts on open stock orders will not be moved.



Assigning an overriding tax code to an entire Vendor or Class of parts
Previously you had to add tax codes to parts one at a time. Now you can assign a code to an entire vendor class.

In the example below, we’re adding a T (taxable) tax code to Class A (apparel) for Vendor CLA.


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