Keystone EasyFile Performance

DIS Keystone EasyFile is a program used to attach documents to units, receivable customers, payable vendors, Point of Sale documents, service records, and rental contracts.  Documents can be scanned in with a scanner, or dragged/dropped from anywhere on the network to the document vault associated with the Keystone application.  Any type of document or image can be stored within applications, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, scanned images, or picture images.

Keystone EasyFile is a great tool but some customers who have stored a lot of documents have experienced some slowness.  If you are experiencing performance issues with EasyFile, the following list provides a few things you can check/change that may help.

File Size:

The goal in scanning any document is to maximize readability while creating the smallest file possible.  Files that are too large can have a negative impact on the overall performance of EasyFile. The larger the file, the longer it takes to open.  DIS recommends keeping the file size to 200KB or less.

Color vs. black and white:

Although color can enhance the readability of any document, you may be able to achieve good readability with black and white and reduce the size of the document.


Thumbnail vs. list view option:

If you are experiencing slowness with EasyFile you can also change the way the EasyFile window displays the information.  By default, the display type is set to thumbnail, and requires an image to be downloaded to create the thumbnail. If you switch to Icon, List or Details view, the image will not be required to be downloaded, and it will only load when you select the actual file.



PDF program:

Most PCs, by default use the popular Adobe PDF program.  Adobe has additional overhead that can cause the application to run slower with EasyFile. There are several other PDF programs that can work faster with EasyFile – PDFXchange viewer is one such program that has worked well for some of our customers.


EasyFile and unit picture flag:

Under System | Change client settings | Options; unchecking the option ‘Flag EasyFile and Unit Pictures content on select panels’ can also help improve the over performance of EasyFile.




Antivirus software:

Antivirus software can slow down EasyFile by scanning every document in the IFS directory where EasyFile documents are kept.  Adding exclusions for C:\program files\DIS or C:\program files (x86) \DIS folder can improve EasyFile performance.  You may also need to exclude the following file types – PDF, JPEG, DOC, and XLM, these are common file types for the different types of documents that might be attached in EasyFile.


A few other things to consider:

For remote locations, the speed of your internet connection can also impact overall performance.

Wireless connection vs wired (cat5) connection – a PC connected with a cat5 cable will handle EasyFile documents faster than a PC connecting wirelessly.

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