Internet / Broadband – Business Vs Personal: Why Is My System so Slow?

Several months ago we published the article ‘Are You Doing THAT on Your Work PC?’ about using your dealership’s PCs for personal functions.

Well, the business versus personal argument is also valid for your internet connection. If you think about how important the internet is to your business and the possible impact of “over using” your internet connection with non-business activities, maybe you should ask…. What is my internet doing behind my back?

The internet has been called the super highway, and, as with any highway, the more traffic there is, the slower everything moves. Ideally, you only want your broadband connection to be used for business related functions that are vital to your operation. In reality, your broadband connection is probably used for many other things, especially if you don’t have any kind of internet browsing policy in place. Although it’s nice to listen to music from your favorite internet radio station, activities such as streaming internet radio compete for bandwidth with your business-related internet activities.

Additionally, many dealerships have wireless capabilities – both for dealership personnel and for guests. With wireless connections, it’s not just PCs that are accessing the internet, smart phones also have access to your broadband connection. Just like a PC, activity on smart phones can also consume large amounts of bandwidth with unregulated activities like updating a Facebook page, uploading those awesome selfies, or checking fantasy football lineups. Even if you aren’t using your phone, it is probably using bandwidth if it has access to your network’s wireless connection. Smart phones can be configured to automatically download updates for apps or receive news and sports flashes, and all of these activities use bandwidth.

Keep in mind that every extra activity creates more drag on your internet connection and impacts the overall performance (though it may not be as noticeable if you have a fast internet connection and lots of bandwidth). If you notice it takes a little longer to go from screen to screen, retrieve a picture in EasyFile, or are experiencing frequent session drops, you might want to ask yourself… What is my internet doing behind my back?

NOTE: a PC infected with malware can send and receive large amounts of data, overloading your network and causing a slow connection. It is important to make sure all PCs are protected to help keep them free of malware.

Also, if you find the temptation to “browse” the internet is just too strong for some in your dealership, there is a Content Filtering application for the SonicWALL that can help.

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