Going Wireless? Read This First!

Lately it seems that everything and everyone is going wireless. From mobile devices at the local coffee shop, to home networks complete with internet TVs, wireless connections are now the norm.

Many dealerships are also enjoying the benefits of a wireless connection, including:

  • Internet access for outside reps and sales people, without giving them access to your business system
  • Access to the network (business system & internet) from non-wired places in the dealership
  • Increased network capacity without running additional cables
  • Added mobility and flexibility to the dealership environment (employees with laptops or other mobile devices can stay connected while moving around the facility)

There are a few different ways to add wireless capabilities to your network. Deciding HOW to go wireless is just as important as the decision to GO wireless. 

DIS offers wireless solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your existing network, including Sonicwalls with wireless capabilities or the Sonic Point, a standalone wireless device that connects to an existing Sonicwall that does not have wireless capabilities.

Some customers opt to add a third-party wireless router from their internet service provider (ISP) or one sourced locally from a nearby computer store.  If you decide to go with a third-party solution, there are few things to consider:

  • How will the wireless connection be used – for employees, visitors, or both?
  • Do you want to extend your network and provide access to the business system or just provide an internet connection?
  • How will the wireless device connect – on the inside or outside of your current network?
  • Will the wireless device be part of a totally separate network?
  • Who will manage the device? (Important to note: DIS does not support third-party solutions)

You will also want to carefully consider the effects of additional internet traffic on your bandwidth, securing your network from outside intrusions and threats, and the support implications of whichever solution you choose.  A little planning can go a long ways in creating a seamless, problem-free, wireless environment… and then you can work from a lawn chair in the sun this summer. (Hey, it’s possible!)

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