Customer Corner! Winter 2017

We love staying connected to our customers and sharing in your successes, acquisitions and milestones. We’re constantly impressed by what you do and want to give you the recognition you deserve. Check out what’s happening with our customers this month below!

Roszko Farm Equipment is celebrating 50 years in business! Congratulations to everyone at Roszko!

Dave Bongorno (CFO) of Towlift will be retiring after 33 years. Happy Retirement!

From left to right: Kim Kurz (Controller) and Dave Bongorno (CFO)


Lift Atlanta welcomes Paul Stephens as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Congratulations Paul! Read more about it here.

Please welcome these new Keystone & Quantum dealers:

Service Agro Mecanique, Inc – St-Clement, QC

Montgomery Tractor Sales – Mount Sterling, KY & Flemingsburg,KY

Scott Equipment Company – Russellville, AL

Atlantic Supply, LTD. – Grand Cayman

Woodstock Equipment Co. – Woodstock, VA

Buttars Tractor, Inc. – Tremonton, UT

Mid Atlantic Transport Refrigeration – Ashland, VA

Customer: Casey Equipment Company – Arlington Heights, IL.
Business System Application: Solutions
Date of Hardware Upgrade: Weekend of 1/14/17
Server Installed: Lenovo ThinkServer Model TD350 Server running Linux CENTOS 6.8 operating system
Products Installed: Release 59 Conversion, VLINKP Support Access
Customer comments/reactions:
Good morning, Ron-

After talking to Mike, we both agree that the server upgrade was much needed.
Some key points that we both noted and agreed upon are:

– The installation process was incredibly smooth. All of the equipment was on sight ahead of time, and you were able to time the installation so that it took place over the weekend and did not interrupt any of our normal business operations.
– The new server is noticeably faster that our old one
– It is nice having the new server set up as its own work station in case we need to do any troubleshooting
– The backup procedure is much simpler than on our old server. We can now perform proper daily and quarterly backups which we could not efficiently do before with our old server
– The server and software upgrade had minimal effect on the user interface and work flow, so all users were able to use the system immediately with minimal training
– The new server and software upgrade will give us the capability of creating some useful reports that our old software version was incapable of creating

Overall, the upgrade experience was very positive, and we look forward to using this new server for, hopefully, many years to come.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for or if you want me to reformat it in to paragraph form or need any more information.

Thanks again.


David Cox
Vice President
Casey Equipment Company

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