We Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary: Take a Closer Look at DIS’ Long History of Success

We’re pleased to let you know that 2020 marks our 40th anniversary. In celebration, here’s a detailed look at our long and proud history:


DIS Through the Years

DIS Through the YearsDIS was born as a result of a tractor lost by Brim Tractor Dealership. Bob Brim decided to write a software to automate business processes and it turned out to be a success.

In 1983, the company took on venture capital funding to accelerate its growth. Within two years, DIS was quickly becoming one of the top players in its field, which resulted in recognition in Inc. Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.” AGCO selects DIS as one of only three preferred vendors for dealer computer systems in 1991.

In 1994, DIS secured one of its biggest deals to date, with Ford Motor Company selecting it to be one of only four “Preferred Providers” for its Canadian dealers.

As the years passed, DIS continued to lead by example and launched one of the first industry mobile apps in 2013.

In 2018 and 2019, it took the industry by storm once again through its release of Quantum CRM and Cloud offering.

This year, the team has been focused on helping dealers streamline and boost their core business. DIS released Service Logistics Mobile App, MyPortal, HelpDesk and CNH ePARTS4.0 Interface.


40 Years of Service and Success

40 Years of Service and SuccessFor 40 years, DIS has shaped the industry by providing a comprehensive DIS solution to a variety of markets.

This success would never have been possible without the dedication of its customers and 100+ staff. More than 2,400 locations currently rely on DIS to provide business system software that saves them time and money, while also increasing efficiency.

DIS is excited about what the next 40 years will bring, and has big plans for continuing to provide its customers with industry-leading solutions.


Today & Tomorrow

Today & TomorrowDIS continues to be a leading provider of business system software to agriculture, lift truck, construction and truck refrigeration dealers and distributors in North America. Since 40 years ago and still true today, our #1 priority is helping dealers like you get a firm grip on all your operations and maximize your profitability.

We are proud of the ability to truly understand our customers and provide them with the RIGHT solutions, support and training. We are driven by integrity, a passion for innovation and the desire to have a positive influence on its industry.

DIS Helping Dealers


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